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Have one of the new Macbook Pro Retina models with a broken screen??? Here is the insanely hard and messy repair it needs!

So you took your broken retina to a local repair shop.

You: I have a 2013 retina with a broken screen, how much???

Tech: Uh that one is expensive! $600+tax???

You: “Fainting, getting cold sweat, and shivers” – No that’s too much! Buy!

Than you go to a second, third, forht, the ones that have the part say $500-$800 your heart sinks, the ones that dont, tell you to go to Apple, you go to Apple, they say $750 with 3 weeks wait, you are at the point of “WTF”

Here is why it is so expensive, and why you should have been more careful with it.

In this one i did a screen replacement on a Macbook Pro Retina 13″ model. This one was A1502, but same procedure is for A1425 which is the older model. Both have the same screen, both are done the same. Video is long, and step by step and is perfect in terms of how clean this needs to be done.

Now you know how hard it is, and when i tell you that this screen that i put in there costs $300 without replacing the assembly, you will understand that most of the shops are not trying to rip you off, simply offering you the price they have to because of the cost of the part.

Now here is the deal. I replace the screen, others offer replacing the whole assembly so that makes it even more expensive.

You dont trust me :) watch the video if you haven`t.

More to come…