About - Computer Repair Master

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What you can expect from us:

Full Diagnostic – We will thoroughly test your device, regardless of the issue you brought it with, and give you a complete diagnosis for not just the problems you’re experiencing, but for all possible problems your device might have, or might experience in the near future. We will not guess the issues with your device, or force you into repairing something you don’t need to. Our software and hardware tools will provide you with the full list of issues on your device, and it will be up to you to chose if you want to fix a certain problem or not.

Highest Quality Repair – When we are finished with your device, it will work, without any issues, and you will not need to worry about problems we fixed for you any more. We stand behind all of repairs, and offer full service warranty, so if your repair has any issues, we will fix it again under warranty (in warranty period), for free!

Professional Customer Service – Our experienced staff will welcome you with respect, and courtesy, keep you updated during the process of your repair, and will give you as much info as you need to understand the whole process you agree on when choosing us to take care of problems on your device. We are not here just to take your money for fixing your device, but to keep you satisfied after you leave our office, and confident that you can rely on us to help out with any potential future issues with your devices.

Computer repair master – History

Computer Repair Master Inc. was founded in 2014, by Milan Stojic, an electric and computer engineer with 15 years of experience in computer repair, IT retail, networking, and various other electronic device repair.

Milan gathered his experience overseas, while working for a large IT retail-service chain in Serbia (former Yugoslavia), and after moving to US in 2009, focused mainly on computer hardware, maintenance, and service on various electronic devices.

Milan started his interest in electronics repair back in high school in his father’s workshop, and gained knowledge needed to further improve his talents. Throughout the years, while working as a customer service representative, system administrator, and service engineer, his professional and technical skills greatly improved, and there was no computer issue that he came up against, and wasn’t able to solve.

Finally, after many years of work in IT, and more than 10 000 repaired devices later, Milan decided that he wants to use his skills to offer help to anyone who needs it, without having to deal with unprofessionalism of large repair chains, long wait times, lack of technical knowledge, and bad customer service.

Computer Repair Master Inc. will offer you honest and FREE diagnostic, fastest possible turnaround time, 100% dedication, more than compatible prices, and assurance that you will be taken care of no matter how much money you will spend, if you even end up spending any!

This is what separates us from others in our field of business!